Enulec Electrostatic Field Meter

Electrostatic Solutions

  • In-Line Static Measurement
  • Anti-Static discharge controls
  • ESA-Electrostatic Assist (RotoGravure)
  • Electrostatic Coating Assist Systems
  • Consulting Services for Corporate Ignition Reduction Initiatives

ESA for RotoGravure

  • Facilitates Complete Ink Transfer
  • Eliminates Missing Dots
  • Prevents Dried Ink Cell Loss
  • Maintains Gravure Cell Volume
  • Safely Balances Web Static Charges
  • Reduces Ink Consumption
  • Results in Impeccable Gravure Graphics
Rotogravure Enulec ESA1000 print sample ESA comparison
ENUEC ESA1000 Top Load ESA Confirguration
ENULEC ESA1000 Top Load Principle of Operation
ENULEC Electrostatic Logo
AC Discharge Bar EEX Enulec

Static Discharge Equipment

  • Powerful Double Row Discharge
  • Options for Close & Long range Use
  • EX Zone 1 Approved Discharge Bars
  • Required for Zero Ignition Initiatives  

Static Measurement

  • In-Line Permenant Static Measurment
  • Data Tracking Historical Reporting
  • Alarm Threshold High Static Warning
  • Intergral to Zero Ignition Initiatives
Enulec Static Sensor In-Line
Enulec Electrostatic Handheld Static Field Sensor