Our Mission

is to provide you with competent solutions to your industrial viscosity and electrostatic control challenges..

What We Do

We serve the printing, converting and packaging industries as well as applications in ink/coating design, food and chemical processing.

You will find our Enulec Electrostatic systems and Opti-Color Viscosity systems in operation worldwide. Our systems enhance, stabilize and control the production process to meet the consistent quality demands of your operation.

Steingraeber is actively involved in R&D of electrostatic, viscosity measurement and control. Our unwavering commitment to improving production efficiency is why we are the best leader to partner with for your solutions.

Our systems

Systems built for the Rigors of production

We provide long lasting, low maintenance industrial grade systems for Viscosity, Liquid Media Conditioning, Blending, Electrostatic Controls and ESA for gravure.

Our solutions are built to solve your problems, return your investment while exceeding the expectations of operators and maintenance personnel.

If you are looking for solutions to your viscosity and electrostatic challenges you have found the right people

Our Opti-Color Viscosity and ENULEC Electrostatic systems are convenient to install, extremely reliable and simple to operate.

We encourage you to explain your problem and we will provide a solution.

We look forward to hearing from you!